A Quick Look At BD2022


A Celebration Of The Opening Of The Third Street Bridge

Saturday, July 23 in Downtown Chatham

11 AM to 7 PM—Food, Music, Patios Until Late!


(Third Street Bridge In 1911—Built In 1892)

Quick Look

Here are the sorts of Attractions you will be able to see, take part in, and enjoy at BD2022.

Below them are links to brief and clear instructions for those who might want to apply to put on or sponsor an Attraction.

Also below is a link to BD2022 updates and social media.

Be Entertained At The Performance Stages

Musicians, dancers, actors, magicians, clowns, singers, and performers of all sorts—all from Chatham-Kent.

Visit The Booths On King

Browse the handmade or home-grown Goods For Sale, all from Chatham-Kent: crafts, tools, paintings, candy, vegetables, paper, fabric…

Take in the Information Displays by C-K charities, service clubs, sports and arts and farming organizations, hobbyists, youth and senior's groups…

Talk to C-K historians about the history of the Third St. Bridge, downtown Chatham, and Chatham-Kent.

Discover The King St. Businesses & Their Wide Range Of Possible Attractions

1962-style food & drink

a 19.62% Off Sale

How To Tie A Windsor Knot—or choice of four other knots

live music, DJs, dancing

Bring Youngsters To The Children's Fun Area

Games, dancing, singing, pretending—led by experienced instructors.

Be Intrigued By The Demonstrations

There may be skateboarding, weaving, blacksmithing, gymnastics, calligraphy, quilt making, beekeeping, line dancing…

Eat And Drink In The King St. Restaurants, Lounges, & Coffee Shops

They're looking forward to meeting BD2022 visitors.

How To Apply To Put On Or Sponsor An Attraction

to put on a Performance or sponsor a Performance Stage

to have a Booth

to put a HDTC-BIA Member Attraction

to sponsor the Children's Fun Area

to put on a Demonstration or sponsor a Demonstration Area

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